Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Principle of Wealth Building 4 of 5

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, other tasks require prioritization right now, and I'm not willing to rush the writing and sacrifice quality. Principle of Wealth Building. 

In other words, Principle of Wealth Building 4 and 5 lesson delayed. 
If you are disappointed then that is a good thing because it means I've been delivering value to you. 
Principle of Wealth Building 4

Why? You have limited time and capital resources. 
Time and money spent one place cannot be used elsewhere. At some point your financial growth hits a wall because it's limited by your personal resources. 
However, the world has unlimited time and unlimited resources. Your financial growth is literally limitless when you leverage other people's resources. It's how all fortunes - large and small - are built. 
Leverage is your 4th wealth building principle because it multiplies your results for any given expenditure of effort. It must be a part of any properly designed wealth plan. 
However, leverage can make the good times great and the bad times unbearable (if you apply it incorrectly). 
In other words, a common myth about leverage is it increases risk. This is only true for certain types of leverage such as financial leverage. 
Other types of leverage can actually increase results while reducing risk. 
Surprising... but true. 
For example, I'm using technology leverage to deliver this message to you. I write these lessons (knowledge leverage) once and leverage technology to build relationship and add value to thousands of people's lives. 
No risk - unlimited reward. 
Understanding leverage's many aspects at a very deep level is one of the most important principles in your wealth building plan. 
It's another make-or-break issue (like so many others... that is why so few people succeed financially. Each one of these principles is critical to your financial success.) 
Using my own life as an example, I became uncomfortable with the dangers inherent in financial leverage in late 2000. I sold all my holdings prior to the huge decline to eliminate financial leverage. As a replacement, I consciously chose to increase my knowledge and technology leverage instead by focusing on this business. 
None of that was by chance, yet it has been worth millions. It was the conscious matching of an appropriate leverage strategy to the current market environment that resulted in eliminating risky leverage because it was inappropriate. This is an essential wealth building principle that you would be wise to emulate. 
Your homework for this lesson is to look at your wealth plan. Where are you including leverage? Where could you add leverage without increasing risk? What changes would you have to make to open new potential for increased leverage and results? 
The answers to these questions can make-or-break your wealth. 
In a few days I will send you the 5th wealth building principle as part of this base education for developing a proper wealth plan.
I hope you are enjoying these insights. My goal is to help you break from ordinary thinking so you can produce extraordinary results. 
See you in a few days with the 5th principle...